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The COVID-19 Chinese Medicine Prevention Formula

These are strange times. But the birds outside my window are singing. With everything happening in the world and our current state of isolation I am finding myself feeling quite helpless, quite often, and yet these sweet, gentle, carefree birds remind me of hope. They remind me that you can find joy in the rain, and that we are always provided for. They remind me that Mother Nature has already provided us with all we need to combat this virus, and it's...

herbs, baby!

According to the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), over 85% of all patients with COVID-19 in China have been receiving herbal treatment alongside western medicine care. The Administration has stated that this combination has proven to be effective.

The Administration also stated that each herbal blend created was additionally unique to the patient and their symptoms, in accordance to Chinese Medicine's approach that we are all varying in our current needs and constitution.

CLICK HERE for the full newscast on Chinese Medicine treatments of COVID-19.

China is finally seeing a light at the end of their tunnel with this virus. We can learn from their experience with COVID-19 and herbal use to truly flatten the curve in our own community.

Herbs are a powerful gift from Mother Nature, to be used with gratitude and intention.



In the early 2000's multiple studies were conducted on the use of herbs that were believed by botanic experts to be beneficial to the SARS Coronavirus, a cousin to our current pandemic. The studies were done on over 16,000 hospital care workers, doctors, nurses, and others in 11 Hong Kong hospitals during the outbreak.

The findings showed that 0.4% of those who did not take any herbs were infected with the SARS Coronavirus, and that none (0.0%) of those who did take herbs were infected.





This Preventative Formula addresses the uniqueness of this virus' effects on the body primarily by strengthening the immune system with the addition of herbs with antiviral properties.

Chinese Medicine doctors have reported COVID-19 with some of these qualities: qi deficiency and damp heat of the lungs, wind-cold invading of the exterior, toxic stagnation obstructing the lungs, closed interior, and others. -- To put that "in English" these ailments can translate to the symptoms of chills, a fever, pneumonia, and so on. To create the formula, herbalists are looking at the herbs that combat those former issues, attacking the cause.

We want to address the body before those symptoms occur. While taking this formula, we'll follow the common sense precautions as outlined by the CDC, such as preventing exposure through thorough hand washing and wearing a face covering. If we are in the group that contracts the Coronavirus, we want to be able to say we didn't notice any symptoms or that the symptoms were "very mild". That is the goal of this formula: prevention.

Some functions of Yu Ping Feng San modified with antiviral herbs:

Supports the immune system

Supports the digestive system

Supports the lung function

Tonifies qi

Moistens the lung

Dissolves phlegm

Dispels exterior wind-cold

Stimulates the lung function

Clears heat

Eliminates toxins




& more...



Our acupuncturists are Chinese medicine experts with over 20 years experience who are not only well-versed in herbal prescriptions, but also researching the latest data available on prevention and treatment of the novel Coronavirus. They are assembling this Prevention formula while tailoring it for Central Oregon locals.

Living in the High Desert actually has its own debilitating factors with its extreme dryness, harsh coldness, and elevation. We have less oxygen available than those at sea level. To reap the full effects of herbs, we also need to ensure we are able to process it completely by addressing our unique need for nourishing hydration & warmth.

We are excited to provide our community with a "local" version of the COVID-19 Prevention Chinese Herbal Formula that we have named Thrive 2020.


- 25% OFF -


the formula

the TCM herbal formula for Well-Care and COVID-19 Prevention in the High Desert

Pre-Order Thrive 2020

Thrive 2020 requires assembling, and often a customization for pre-existing patients. Pre-order yours today!

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Thrive 2020 Formula Rate

Originally $1.00 / gram NOW ONLY $0.75 / gram

180 grams are recommended for a month's course of treatment; any quantity can be requested.

Created as a raw blend

Ask us if you need assistance with the encapsulating process, or for an additional fee we will happily encapsulate it all for you.

Pick up within a week

Or remain in the comfort of your home by requesting your herbs shipped directly to your doorstep; shipping costs apply.


Mondays - Thursdays, 9am - noon

Dosage Instructions Provided


an alternative option

The ingredients of Qing Fei Pai Du Tang can be found in bottles of blends you might already have in your cupboard! Although the original Thrive 2020 will be the most effective, this combination works similarly and is a more functional option if you prefer. To create one month's worth of this treatment, you would need 3 bottles of each. The blends are...

Allergy One + Detoxification

Order & Pickup Within 1 Business Day

CALL 541-639-8911

TEXT 541-728-3527


Mondays - Thursdays, 9am - noon

Thrive 2020 Alternative Bundle Rate

Detoxification x3 bottles + Allergy One x3 bottles = $120 for a full month's use

Dosage Instructions Provided

Let's pull our resources and prevent this, together.

Despite the numbers, the sun still rises, Mt. Bachelor still stand majestic, the ocean still roars, Chinese herbs still grow, birds still sing their little hearts out, and nature takes care of us.

Some information and statistics from How Coronavirus (COVID-19) is treated in TCM by John Chen, Pharm.D., Ph.D., O.M.D., L.Ac. and English.Gov.CN: State Council The People's Republic of China



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