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The Herb for THESE TIMES in Central Oregon


With the sudden onset of this infamous COVID-19, we are all looking at the health and wellness of our bodies. We have everything we need to combat this virus. We have access to herbs and ancient remedies. Here, we are looking at Fenugreek, a famous medicine and dietary additive that has particularly helpful benefits here in our High Desert.

Hello, immune system! Let's get you in prime condition!

This mild yang tonic is well known in Chinese Medicine (hu lu ba) and Ayurveda (methi). It originates in India and North Africa, and is an herbal product with many proposed health benefits and is now cultivated worldwide.

Some Benefits of Fenugreek:

Fenugreek is incredibly hydrating making it a very powerful immune boosting option for Central Oregonians (as we are trapped in this lovely but dry High Desert).

It is stimulating to the whole system, being potent in antioxidants giving it a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

It strengthens the digestive system and immune system.

The fenugreek seed assists to reject bacteria, fungal, and viral infections.

It's a great herb to take at the tail end of a cold or flu when you're feeling fatigued and are wrapping up a cough or runny nose.

Research also shows fenugreek use "had a significant impact on both upper and lower body strength and body composition in comparison to placebo in a double blind controlled trial".

Fenugreek nutrients include:

  • choline

  • inositol

  • biotin

  • vitamin A

  • B vitamins

  • vitamin D

  • soluble and insoluble fiber

  • iron

A very common use of fenugreek is for assisting lactation, bossing libido, and balancing blood sugar.

Fenugreek is stimulating and cannot be used during pregnancy

Ways To Take Fenugreek:

  • Make a pot of hot water and steep with 1 tablespoon of fenugreek, drink as a tea.

  • Put 1 tablespoon in a large HydroFlask full of warm water, drink, and continue adding warm water throughout the day.

  • In a single mug of hot water, add 1 teaspoon, stir, drink.


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