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Astro-Alert: Mercury Retrograde Begins July 7

Mercury Retrograde

July 7 - July 31

Having a general understanding of astrology and its funky patters in our universe, can give us a better grip on how to approach our own encounters in our day-to-day life.

So many times we breeze right into another one of Mercury's reverse cycles, find ourselves losing our marbles, maybe even literally, and then someone says "it's because Mercury is retrograde" ...and it clicks: you're not crazy, the planets are.

But it doesn't completely click because,

What does retrograde mean anyway?

When a retrograde happens, the planet appears to be moving backward from our perspective; respectively, particular categories in our life tend to go out of whack during that time. It happens two to three times a year, for about 24 days.

As for it's effects, consider the craziness of a full moon, but on steroids ...for three weeks.

Mercury represents communication, travel, technology, & big emotions.

BE PREPARED FOR breakdowns in communication, technology crashes, travel delays/issues, misplacing items, anxiety spikes, impulsiveness, high conflict, & loss of temper.

The concept is that things aren’t appearing as they truly are, and/or happen backward, so approach the next 3 weeks mindfully - and as best you can:

  • avoid confrontation or important conversations

  • postpone your travel plans

  • do not sign major important documents

  • do not make big life decisions

  • back up your computer ahead of time

  • lay a little bit lower in general

...until the retrograde is over.

Meanwhile, to make the most out of the reverse, backward-like cycle, retrograde is a perfect time to:

  • reflect on your past

  • soak in nostalgia

  • call up an old friend or relative

  • connect with your inner child

  • slow your routine down

  • focus on self-awareness

Self-awareness is the most important piece of any Mercury retrograde so spend the approaching time and the chaos of the retrograde lathered in grace for self and others.

REMEMBER: you’re not going crazy, the world ins’t going crazy, it’s just a retrograde and it will be over on July 31.

....And we have acupuncture appointments available if you're drowning in the astro-sh*t. :)



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