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Thank You, Veterans!

This Memorial Day we remember those who gave their lives for us and we strive to give back to those who are still here.

Are you, or someone you know, a veteran seeking relief from battling pains physically, emotionally, or mentally?

Heal Grow Thrive Medicine strives to serve the veteran community in their healing journey. By working with the VA we to help veterans get treatment care covered.

We offer acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care. The treatment benefits of those are specific to each individual's unique journey and help recovery with the following:


assisting with injury recovery, old injuries, scar tissue, skeletal muscular pains, chronic pain, systematic issues, joint adjustments, nerve pain, and more.

Emotionally & Mentally

assisting with PTSD, depression, anxiety, holding a space for the release of memories, emotions, and trauma, etc.


assistance with energy and chakra balancing, qi regulating, mindfulness, aura cleansing, and so on.


LETS GET STARTED: Contact TriWest at 866-606-8198 and request care from Margret Bourland, LAc

For more information about our services and the approval process call our office at 541-639-8911




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