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Spring Grocery List

Living in harmony with Spring...

Our bodies are affected by the ebb and flow of our planet's natural rhythms. Have you noticed how as the weather changes you start to eat differently? How, at the first snowfall all you want is thick, hot stews? And alternatively, when the weather warms you are suddenly eating lighter? There's a meaning behind that! By following the seasonal routines - as developed by the Ayurvedic practice Ritucharya - we can learn to ride that wave to use its changes to our advantage; benefiting our sleep, digestion, mood, and overall wellbeing. The most effective way to integrate this is through our diet. To nutshell: there are three doshas - Pitta, Kapha, and Vata - each taking shifts throughout the year as the prominent energy. It looks closely to this pattern: Spring: Kapha Summer: Pitta Fall/Winter: Vata

This means, with spring in full swing, we need to balance the energy of Kapha.

So what does Kapha look like in Spring?

Earth and water elements. Its energy is heavy, dull, slow, dense, sticky, cold, stable, soft, smooth, and oily. Therefore, to offset these through our diet, keep these in mind when choosing foods:


over the sweet / sour / salty / dense / heavy / smooth / moist / oily

We have assembled a grocery list for reference to help you navigate the market this season, based on the above principles.

Up your healing journey with an acupuncture session and ask for a consultation on your specific dosha to find out how you can boost your wellness this season while keeping the effects of spring in mind.




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