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10 Self-Care Tips For Shoveling Snow

1. Warm up! Its easy to walk outside and just start shoveling, but that’s a recipe for disaster. Do some arm circles and squats. 2. Try pushing the snow versus lifting. 3. If you have to lift and throw snow, lift using proper techniques: pulling your shoulders back, sitting your tailbone back, lifting with your legs, and alternating sides if possible. 4. Take breaks! Give yourself the rest if your body feels you need it.

5. Stay hydrated. 6. Stay warm. Cold weather restricts veins and can cause blockages of blood flow to the heart, keep cozy! 7. Take an epsom salt bath after. 8. Use a foam roller to open your body back up after being tense and bent. 9. Apply heat and arnica for muscle soreness. 10. Come into Heal Grow Thrive for relaxation and injury recovery assistance!




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