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The Busy Mom's Guide to Boosting Your Immune System

Tired of catching sickness each cold and flu season? We all know the trick is to boost the immune system... but how?

Autumn is the fastest changing season and with that comes a very busy, unsettled energy. It's fitting that we easily forget to take care of ourselves, burn ourselves out, crave the sweet foods to try to feel comfort, and whoops suddenly we have fallen victim to another illness.

Well, you are on this page for a reason! The most common excuse we are getting is: "I'm a busy mom, I can never find the time!", hence the title. But these tips are applicable to any human out there.

Here are our top ideas on easy ways to boost your immune system.

(There is no particular order, just integrate what you can.)


Elderberry as an immunity booster comes as a syrup with a dosage for all ages. Take your teaspoon, or two, once a day. Elderberry is very sweet, making it easy to swallow and to get the whole family on board with it. It can be taken as a preventative daily, or with a higher dose when fighting a flu or cold. Elderberry is packed full of vitamins, and has antioxidants & antiviral properties. Get that in your system! Found at your natural grocery stores.

chicken soup

Spend more time in the kitchen now cooking your meals. Home made warm meals are going to be your best friend. The warmth, hardiness, and thoughtfulness put into each meal goes a long way in nourishing you to the core.

Chicken soup in particular has always been a trademark when feeling unwell, but don't wait until then to reap the benefits. Chicken soup clears nasal congestion, has an anti-inflammatory effect, is soothing to the throat, it is rich in protein, and it provides the body with Vitamins A and C and with antioxidants to boost the system.

If you don't have time to cook, don't give up on soup, canned chicken soup will do just fine!

vitamin d

Vitamin D is vital for facilitating normal immune function. When the sun dips out, our vitamin levels can drop, and it's the absence Vitamin D that makes us susceptible to infection and illness. It also wards off depression (yes, those winter blues!) Learn more about vitamin D here:


When it comes to tea and your immune system, green tea is the most powerful for a daily. It gives you energy, it moves your qi, and it boosts your immune system with its powerful antioxidants, detoxing out the junk too. Drink each morning as an alternative to coffee, or better yet: keep it on hand to sip on throughout the day. It's going to benefit your system to keep warmth traveling inside and stimulating. Green tea is going to help tremendously.


Seems obvious when it's so cold out, but really - bundle, bundle, bundle up! When the temperature drops your body has to work harder to keep not just comfortable but also functioning on little levels. If it's working overtime to heat up it can't focus on building strength to fight off viruses. Help your body out: wear a scarf, and extra sweater, mittens, a hat, keep your hair down to cover your ears and neck, use boot socks to insulate, and sip on a warm drink all day - even if it's simply warm water.


Mushrooms can improve the efficiency of the immune system, improve gut immunity, and decrease inflammation. The shortcut is to utilize a tincture mushroom formula where the immune blend is already created for you. Another supplemental form that is a quick way to boost the body.

The longer approach is to learn about each mushroom's unique benefits and to cook with them accordingly!

routine shift

The energy is different in the colder seasons. The sun is at a different angle (okay, the Earth is) and only out for a few hours a day. Utilize it. Work harder mid day and sleep longer at night... don't pace your energy like you do in the summer, condense it. We require more rest to stay strong and functioning well. So work with your body, not against it. Sleep in more, do lighter stuff such as yoga instead of hard workouts, make less commitments, spend more time on cooking and hygge-ing. (Don't know what Hygge is? Google it. Thank me later.)

This routine shift is an Ayurvedic concept, if you find that this shift of rhythm is of interest to you, I highly recommend doing more research on Ritucharya.


Acupuncture regulates immune function, helps with sleep, treats allergies, helps fight viruses, strengthens life force, and promotes wellness (among a million other benefits). Having regular treatment can help strengthen the whole body, including the immune system. An acupuncturist also can recommend Chinese herbs for particular symptoms and include it in your treatment to boost or pacify whatever is up that is unique to you. Keep acupuncture incorporated in your wellness routine for strength throughout the season.



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