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3 Things YOU Can Do To Help Your Endometriosis

Anyone who has dealt with endometriosis knows it can be a royal pain; causing variations of irregularity of cycles, physical excruciating pain, and fertility complications. With hereditary endometriosis in my family, I have personally been through the run-around with western doctors either downplaying my symptoms or suggesting invasive options... but actually, there's so much that we CAN do to naturally alleviate symptoms and start to reverse endometriosis! The key is to find balance within the hormones and support the cycle.

1. Detox Estrogen

With endometriosis, there is an excess of estrogen in the body, which will cause the endometrial lesions to flare up. The hormones need to be balanced, even if you are in surgical menopause. By avoiding certain foods you can begin to chill out that estrogen, support the body, reduce inflammation & other symptoms. These foods are to be avoided at all points during the cycle.


x Soy

x Tofu

x Tempeh

x Soy Lecithin

x Flax Seed

x Flax Meal

x Flax Oil

x Fennel

x Fennel Seed

2. Modified Fasting

The menstrual period is the ideal time to detox estrogens. At the start of your bleeding, apply this dietary fast for the first 3 days:


Lean Proteins

Healthy Fats



x Sugars

x Grains

x Dairy

x Caffeine

*RECOMMENDED* Healthy smoothies with fruits, vegetables, & protein fiber source (such as protein powder, nuts, or pumpkin seeds)

3. Customized Herbal Supplement Protocol

Let's get deep and really look at YOUR cycle.

Does your body need a deeper detox?

Is it lacking in a certain type of enzymes?

What else is happening here in your hormones?

Let's find out, to assist your cycle with a customized protocol.

Through muscle testing, we look at how the body interacts with an item. If there is an imbalance, the goal is to create a new energy pattern, where the body’s energy flows smoothly and freely in the presence of the item creating the imbalance. This is done with acupressure or acupuncture.

By taking the right combination of herbs needed to bring balance to your body and to support the cycle, you can start to control and encourage a healthy rhythm for your body.


Information credited to the Endometriosis Protocol developed by Ileana Bourland, LAc -- of which will be provided to you with instructions at your endometriosis-related acupuncture visit, only at Heal Grow Thrive Medicine.



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