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9 Seasonal Allergy Remedies

It's the most obnoxious time of year for those of us who suffer from the beautiful, blossoming of the spring pollen.

Are you finding yourself sniffling, itchy-eyed, sore joints, and/or fighting a sinus headache?

Here are some natural remedies to try, but remember consistency can be key! Allergy season can last a while here in Oregon since the weather doesn't seem to make up its mind and the blossoming tends to happen in waves.


1) Essential Oils

Essential oils are a phenomenal tool for the body's health. There are essential oils that are anti-inflammatory, can detoxify the body, fight infections, bacteria, parasites, microorganisms, harmful toxins, and some even relieve respiratory conditions such as asthma. Utilizing essential oils for allergy relief is a smart move! Here are some ways to use them:

Basil is anti-inflammatory, supports the adrenals, and detoxing of bacteria and viruses.

-Dilute and APPLY 1-2 drops to outer ears, temples, neck, under nose, chest.

Peppermint is an expectorant, providing relief of allergy, bronchitis, asthma, and sinusitis symptoms.

-Dilute and APPLY 1-2 drops to outer ears, temples, neck, under nose, chest.

-DIFFUSE 5 drops.

Eucalyptus opens the lungs and sinuses, improving circulation and reduces symptoms of allergies.

-Dilute and APPLY 1-2 drops to outer ears, temples, neck, under nose, chest.

-DIFFUSE 5 drops.

-INHALE 1-2 drops in boiled, steaming pot, with a towel over your head and breathe in deep for 5-10minutes.

Lemon supports the lymphatic system and helps overcome respiratory conditions.

-DIFFUSE 5 drops.

-Use in household CLEANING supplies.

Tea Tree is anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic agents, destroying airborne pathogens that cause allergies.

-Use in household CLEANING supplies.

2) Acupuncture

Acupuncture can have powerful effects on seasonal allergies. By inserting needles on specific points on the body, symptoms of allergies can be greatly reduced. It can be relaxing to the nervous system and strengthening to the immune system. Acupuncture works with the body to calm the inflammation and intense responses to allergens. A must-try!

Contact us today to find out more and set up your acupuncture appointment.

3) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar reduces mucus, cleanses your lymphatic system, and gives you a natural energy boost.

INGEST 1 tablespoon, either by itself like a shot, or in a cup of warm water with some honey and lemon.

4) Local Honey

A great addition to your apple cider vinegar cocktail: local honey! Local honey is created by local bees who use pollen from local plants which are causing your crazy allergic response. Giving your body a gentle introduction keeps those red flags down in your system so that your body doesn't identify pollen as a hazardous threat.

(Honey is also soothing to a sore throat)

INGEST 1-2 tablespoons. Add to tea, or to apple cider vinegar, or eat straight off the spoon!

5) Nettle Leaf

Nettle blocks your body's ability to produce histamine, providing allergy relief naturally.

Taken as a capsule or a tea.

PRO TIP---- steep as a tea and add peppermint tea + local honey for a delicious and beneficial herbal elixir.

6) Neti Pot

A Neti Pot is used to flush out remaining debris trapped in the intricate passageways of our sinuses. Until all the dirt and pollen is out, your body will continue to try to expel all foreign substances, causing continuous mucus buildup.

7) Exercise

Exercise produces an anti-inflammatory effect in your nasal passages, helping to naturally reduce allergy symptoms. Studies have found that moderate to intense activity for just 30 minutes can result in substantial allergy relief. ------ Hydrate!

8) AllQlear Supplement

AllQlear is a fast-acting seasonal support made of a proprietary blend of quail eggs. Quail eggs provide a unique mechanism to support healthy stabilization of mast cells. These berry flavored chewable tablets are easy to take anywhere as a boost for allergy prevention and nipping the symptoms.

ALLQLEAR IS 20% OFF THIS APRIL ONLY, only at Heal Grow Thrive Medicine


9) Herbal Supplements

We recommend contacting our herbalist and Chinese Medicine specialist, Ileana, (who is also our acupuncturist and the owner of Heal Grow Thrive Medicine) to discuss your symptoms and talk about which supplement may be best for you. We keep a plethora of herbs in stock for nearly anything, but your body is specific. It may take some trial and error, as they all do, but understanding what your body is battling can help us recommend a particular blend. Call, text, or email us today.




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