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Tune Up Your Heart Chakra

Love is in the air! In honor of Valentine's Day, we are focusing on our Heart Chakra. In order to cultivate love around us, we must first start from within. How does your chest feel? Literally! How is your heart? Let's take a look within. Here is an overview of the infamous Anahata: the Heart Chakra.


I’m loving. I’m lovable. I’m deeply compassionate. I’m a source of healing in the world.

The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra in the body’s energy hubs, located at the center of the chest. The places in which it physically manifests are the heart, the circulatory system, and the lungs. Thus, when there is an imbalance in the Heart Chakra physical ailments could eventually become evident, such as: lung infections, bronchitis, asthma, circulatory and heart related issues. Bringing balance to the Heart Chakra could be a prominent part of healing and reversing the effects of these ailments.

It’s official name is Anahata, meaning: unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten. The Heart Chakra rules over balance, calmness, and serenity. The color associated with Anahata is GREEN, and the element is AIR.

The Heart Chakra’s Purpose + Representations within our life:

-Love for ourselves

-Love for others

-Relating to others

-Relationships/relational health

-Transformation + change

-The ability to grieve + reach peace

-Compassionate discernment

-Awareness + insight

There are many signs of imbalance in the emotional/energetic plane of the Heart Chakra, such as: being overly defensive, feeling closed down, jealousy, fear of intimacy, codependency, having a savior complex, falling into victimization, isolation, being antisocial, holding grudges, and being unforgiving. If you are struggling with any of these traits, it’s time to give extra TLC to your heart’s center.

When moving into the healing process, be mindful that these imbalances could be the product of an acute situation, or it could be from years of self-talk and deep-rooted beliefs. Everyone’s healing journey is not only unique but also full of it’s own layers. Some of these traits have become a habit over time and are going to require more attention and time to heal than other’s that may be easier to spot and address. Remember, when bringing healing to your chakras the key is: grace for self.

Healing and Balancing the Heart Chakra:

Breathing exercises… addresses the lungs directly and opens the chest. Be present and step forward at the safe pace your body is guiding you into.

Bathe + Essential oils… soak and utilize essential oils such as:

lavender. rosemary. frankincense. rose.

geranium. jasmine. ylang ylang. bergamot.

Yoga… chest openers are key! Here's a quick yoga routine for your heart chakra:

Meditate w/ Crystals… visualize GREEN light blooming from your heart’s center; utilize crystals, such as:

Rose quartz. clear quartz. jade. green calcite.

Repeat the affirmations (at the top of the page) routinely: speak them out loud, write them over and over, put them on sticky notes in your bathroom, chant them in your meditation, BELIEVE them.

Express gratitude

Practice receiving

Give thanks

See beauty everywhere and cultivate an appreciation for it




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