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Heal Grow Thrive Medicine


Acupuncture, massage, NAET, cupping, gua sha, Chinese herbal medicine, and nutraceuticals all provide answers for pain, fatigue, poor digestion, brain fog, allergies, auto immune conditions and more. Your true healing potential lives inside of YOU. We help you unlock it.


Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal m


We offer the most effective techniques to balance the body and relieve pain. Let us know what is bothering you and our staff can help.



NAET is an energy balancing technique popular with those who suffer with seasonal allergies and food sensitivities. It was developed for the treatment of pain. 

Vintage Stylized Photo Of  Healing Herbs

Herbal Medicine

Our acupuncturist are certified and licensed in herbal medicine. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has a history that is thousands of years old, now coupled with modern day research. 

Chinese gua sha stones on a plate with eucalyptus branches over black. Top view. River jad

Gua Sha

Known by many names, gua sha has been used for thousand of years in many culture. It breaks up myofascial adhesions and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Men's hands make a therapeutic neck mass


Massage isn't just for relaxation, it can be an important part of your health routine. Find out more about our massage services today.



Another ancient technique used in Egypt, the Middle East and China, traditional sources used cupping to draw out toxins and relieve muscle tension.

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